Economic feasibility study Masterplan Karwendel-Bergbahn Pertisau/Tyrol

Zwölferkopf skiing area

The Karwendel Bergbahn Achensee Berglift GmbH operates a hiking and skiing area in Pertisau am Achensee, which is popular all year round. The existing installations are to be modernized step by step in the coming years and are to be extended by additional attractions and offers in winter as well as in summer.

Montenius Consult supports this process with location, market and competition analyses as well as two guest surveys, one each in the summer and winter season. Based on the answers of several hundred participants, statements can be made about existing strengths and weaknesses as well as market and demand potentials at the destination Achensee.

The master plan is concluded by a profitability calculation. Montenius Consult assesses the operating and financing costs and calculates the revenues from the expected visits. This will allow to evaluate the possibility of economic operation after the realization of the planned measures.

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